31 December 2011

Things done and future predictions.

Hmmm, for this time I shall combine everything together. So here we go...

Things done or gone through so far this year: -
  • Got a new job in a different industry but the same type of position. :-)
  • Went through many deaths of  famous and infamous people, including close to home.
  • A whole lot of my friends got married.
  • Experienced my first earthquake! The building I worked in shook as an earthquake in Indonesia happened. People evacuated, I did not. LOL.
  • Found that Drupal 7 is an awesome platform.
  • Did a recycling facility finder project using it. A lot of positive remarks. The thing is sitting idle now though. :-(

Things to come in 2012?
  • Lots more weddings.
  • Paranoid fear about the end of the world. Not!
  • Some more awesome technology as usual. Go CES 2012!
  • Uncommon natural disasters. But there will be lots of survivors.
  • Leaving the 20s.

Holidays are coming to a close so fast. Where did the year go?

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